NOVOtan Restore



There are times when everything comes together and removing or rebuilding a roof seems to be the only resort.  NOVOtan Restore  has qualities, which even in cases of extreme damage guarantee a leak-proof solution you can depend on.

NOVOtan Restore  is strong!  The exceptionally pliable material, a specially formulated EPDM rubber, is inseparably bonded with a particularly tear-resistant and durable fleec backing.  This produces a 2.5 mm (0.098 in.) thick roofing sheet with really exceptional properties, almost a system in itself.

The excellent physical properties of NOVOtan Restore make it ideal for renovating problem roofs:

What's more, NOVOtan Restore can be installed according to almost any of the customary installation techniques:

Thanks to its excellent positional stability, NOVOtan Restore is also ideal for use on high-rise buildings.  Cost for superimposed gravel loads or decking slabs are eliminated and the static's of the building is not put under additional strain.

Of course, NOVOtan Restore can also be joined together with the unique Thermofast Seam Welding Technique which dispenses with the use of adhesives, solvents, tapes and separating agents.  Even in outdoor temperatures of -10˚C (14˚F) the Thermofast technique allows the NOVOtan sheets to be welded securely to form a single homogeneous waterproof sealing membrane.

As well as offering high quality, NOVOtan Restore also puts economic conditions first, which is why NOVOtan takes a systematic approach.  For example, with organized logistics for large surfaces and drawn up installation plans, customized pre-fabrication of membranes and roll lengths cut exactly to size are a possibility.  This means no on-site material bottlenecks and no waiting times, fewer seams, and even greater application reliability.  And the costs are kept within the original estimates.


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