NOVOtan Direct


For roofs with even sub-surfaces, for less problematic renovations, for the direct application of the sealing membrane onto the heat insulation, NOVOtan Direct is the best and quickest solution.

Walk-on roof insulating materials such as polystyrene or mineral fibre have sufficient stability to allow them to be directly sealed.  NOVOtan Direct is designed especially for these insulating materials.  A lightweight fleece backing supports these properties and allows for quick and easy application.  Another plus is that NOVOtan Direct sheets are produced absolutely smooth and crease-free.  Depending on the insulating material and conditions, NOVOtan Direct is either mechanically fastened or adhered.  Then, the sheets are welded together by our Thermofast Seam Welding Technique and the roof is permanently watertight!

Long-lasting Flexibility

An apparently rigid roof moves more than one might imagine.  Advantageous lightweight constructions with a steel frame are subject to thermal stresses, trapezoidal steel sheets begin to oscillate and the wind load can cause an uplift suction on the roof and walls.  This is where permanent, lasting flexibility is a decisive advantage.  NOVOtan will not become brittle, and even after 25 years, has a proven elasticity and tensile strength, which some new roof sealing systems can barely match.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Thanks to its light basis weight of only 1.6 kg/m (o.35 lbs/f),  NOVOtan Direct is the ideal choice for light-weight roofs.  Bitumen, for example, is six to eight times heavier and therefore has an effect on the static load.  And with the sun beating down on roofs freely exposed to the elements, the extremely high ozone and UV resistance demonstrated by NOVOtan Direct is another advantageous point in its favour.

Safe in Emergencies

A fire is a disaster under any circumstances.  However, the roofing membrane shouldn't add to the problem.  A roof sealed with NOVOtan meets the requirements for "hard roofing" according to the German DIN 4102 T7 / ISO standard, i.e. it is resistant to flying sparks and heat radiation.  What's more, in the event of a fire, NOVOtan does not release any harmful halogen-containing vapours, which apart from the fire damage itself often have disastrous consequences, such as constructional erosion or corrosion.  This is yet another reason for using a product from the NOVOtan System range.


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