All building materials, particularly multi-layered constructions for use as facades, are subject to a number of physical laws.

The process of expansion and contraction of any building, depend ultimately upon the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of the structure.  Of particular significance is the building's orientation, as this largely determines the extent of climatically induced thermal processes within the facade.  The permanent elasticity of EPDM and it's ability not to tear or become brittle mean that the seal is always able to recover after any deformation, thus making it perfect for coping with structural vibrations and the effects of weather.


The Cross-Section Reveals All

To compliment its range of classical profiled sealing gaskets, RENKO  has developed NOVAwall, a product made from EPDM, which is able to withstand extreme mechanical deformation, bridges expansion joints and seals permanently.  Developed in close cooperation with window and facade specialists and designed to meet real practical needs, NOVAwall is a simple to use sealing strip with an integrated border gasket suitable for most commercial facade elements.

Economic Solutions, Off The Shelf Preforms and Sealing Collars

Practical applications are always at the forefront of our development work, i.e. time-saving, reliable installations and, of course, seals that last for decades. However, if you need to change or modify something, removing or exchanging components is equally easy. Another important factor is, the materials used can be readily separated allowing environmentally compatible disposal or recycling.

RENKO has a wide range of standard preforms and collars available.  One can be certain that even the most complicated structural detail can be effectively and permanently sealed.  Customized products can also be designed, manufactured and supplied rapidly.  After all, it's not just the materials we use which are flexible!



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