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Architecture- the symbiosis of form, function and structure - bears the signature of the architect and designer.

Every architectural project represents a new challenge.  Clients quite rightly have high demands and high expectations, not the least because of the costs of planning and construction, but because of the costs relating to building operation and maintenance.  Capital charges often consume huge budgets not only for the initial investment but also in the yearly expenditures necessary for operating and upkeep.

Construction work is built on trust.  Trust uses the experience and knowledge of the planners and designers but, above all, rests with the manufacturers and the skills of the builders and on site craftsmen.

RENKO, a leading rubber suppliers, providing specialized industrial solutions to the automotive industry and flat roof sealing systems, also offers a range of economical, ecologically sound and attractive products for windows and building facades.




Experience is Part Of Our Profile

Creativity and aesthetics are maximized in our profile design.  Our clients know they can count on a problem-free solution and a premier quality installation.

The problems related to the sector of building engineering are not the surfaces themselves but rather the joints, corners and edges.

The specialists at RENKO have been meeting this challenge over the years by dedicated research and development work.

Fully developed, practical products which offer our customers a new view of window and building-facade sealing systems.  RENKO's clients also benefit from our customer-oriented applications department and our skilled technical specialists who not only develop products but also provide valuable experience and know-how into the planning and design phases, an essential element in the provision of customer specific applications.

Whether incorporated into new buildings or renovations work, the solution offered by RENKO will change the way you see windows and building facades.

RENKO's Formula For Success

Products made from a wide range of synthetic rubbers are the perfect choice when it comes to permanently sealing joints, moisture - vapour barriers or compensating for the relative motion between structural components or different materials.  In contrast to alternative materials, products manufactured from EPDM do not suffer from the adverse effects of softeners migrating from the material.  Therefore, long lasting elasticity and satisfied clients are guaranteed.  Utilizing our own proprietary formulations, RENKO develops high-quality products designed for specific applications thus providing customized solutions that resolve problems related to window and facade designs.

EPDM, TPE, IIR are the basic products RENKO utilizes to manufacture it products.  There are numerous advantages to these materials, which include:

Wide Variety of Applications:

Long Lifetime and Dimensionally Stable:




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